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Digital Art by Ina Gilbert


Art 4 Today by Ina Gilbert


Artists In Canada - Listed both my work and Ina's Art Work

Vacuum Metallizing Ltd. Simulated electroplated silver, gold, bronze.Brilliant reflective or matte metallic finishes. Pearlescents and metallic pigments. Translucent and opaque coatings

Links of Interest about my brother, Al Gilbert

Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery - 4 Generations of Photography by the Gilbert Family

Article on the "" under "Stuffs" - scroll down to "Art of the Portrait"

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada - Interesting PDF article


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Loft Gallery - June 2014 - Clarksburg

Article from - "Digital Pigment Print Definition and The Emerging Digital pigment Print Market" If you want to print the above article,
click here for PDF format

Changing Face of Photography


Photographer�s Index is the Internet directory for Photography

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